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I Saw The Last Airbender movie and liked it

So after seeing all these so-called critics trash the movie, I still decided that I would still see The Last Airbender. Now keep in mind that I have never seen the cartoon or read the comic books. But I still liked it!!! Sure, there were some cheezy dialogues here and there, but it was overall an enjoyable movie.

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19 Cool Facts about Star Wars

If you’ve been following this site for a while, then you’ll know that we think that Star Wars is the coolest trilogy ever made. So when we came across these 19 Cool Facts about Star Wars, we had to share it with the world…

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Disney’s Sexy Princesses illustrated by J. Scott Campbell

Illustrator J. Scott Campbell is best known for his sexy poses of scantily clad women. So, it was a welcome surprise to see him illustrate Disney Princesses in his usual sexy poses. The results are Disney’s Sexy Princesses, a collection of sexy poses for some of Disney’s most beloved princesses. J. Scott Campbell has a sexy pose for just about every single Disney princess.

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Captain America Costume Artwork For the Upcoming Movie

Here are some really cool pics of the Captain America costume that will be used in the upcoming Captain America movie. Honestly, I thought that there was no way to make Captain America look cool in a live action movie, but I was wrong. These pics are pretty awesome. More pics after the jump…

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Cartoon Anatomy

Thanks to the wonderful work of graphic artist freeny, one of the mysteries of our universe can be solved: cartoon anatomy. Thanks to Freeny’s work, we can finally understand what the inside of many pop icons might look like. He has designed the anatomy of popular video game characters, movies, cartoons and TV shows.

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Freddy and Jason Teamup

Freddy and Jason team-up After the success of our Storm Toopers on Vacation post, here is a Freddy and Jason teamup just in time for Halloween.

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The Star Wars Flow Chart

star-wars-flow-chart With six Star Wars movies to chose from, it sometimes gets confusing to know which star wars movie that you are watching. To help simplify things, Maxim magazine has come up with the Star Wars flow chart. Now, thanks to this chart, you will always be able to figure out which Star Wars film you are watching.

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G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Movie Review

After attending the premiere of G.I. Joe – The Rise of Cobra, I felt the need to write a review of the second-best movie of this summer. (Sorry G.I. Joe, but nothing could top Transformers – Rise of The Fallen. Nothing!) I went in thinking that this movie was going to suck beyond belief. Thank god I was wrong. This movie is going to make a ton of money and there will be a sequel!!!

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Iron Man 2 5-minute teaser trailer from Comic Con 2009

Hahaha! I love the Internet! I came across this teaser trailer for the new Iron Man 2 movie on YouTube. THe sound quality is pretty bad but it is an awesome 5 minute trailer that features Iron Man and Nick Fury, who is being played by Samuel L. Jackson. I also noticed that Scarlett Johanson seems to be in the movie as well. Hot hot hot! Watch it quickly before it gets removed from YouTube

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