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Nokia N8 Ultimate Foosball Commercial

The following commercial by Nokia features some of the coolest tricks that I have ever seen on table football. It’s a commercial to promote Nokia’s N8 smart phone, but the real stars in this commercial are the foosball players. Check out the making-of video below…

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LOST Babes

Now that the historic TV show LOST has ended, many of us LOST fans are starting to have LOST withdrawl symptom. So, in order to help us remember the beauty of LOST, we here is a collection of the LOST babes. This gallery, courtesy of funtasticus. More Pics after the jump…

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Captain America Costume Artwork For the Upcoming Movie

Here are some really cool pics of the Captain America costume that will be used in the upcoming Captain America movie. Honestly, I thought that there was no way to make Captain America look cool in a live action movie, but I was wrong. These pics are pretty awesome. More pics after the jump…

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Ah C’mon!!!

A bcouple of months ago, I crowed this video as the whackest rap video of all time. Well, it turns out that I was wrong. The ESBU community has actually found a whacker video! It’s called “Ah C’mon,” from Chuggo. Words cannot even begin to describe the whackness of this video. It’s so bad that I had to create a new category called Terrible Rap Videos to put it under.

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Babes of the 2010 World Cup

We all know that the FIFA World Cup is as much a celebration of Soccer Babes as it is a celebrtion of Soccer itself. So, to help kickoff the soccer celebrations of the World Cup, Sports Illustrated has done a terrifice photo shoot of 4 soccer babes from 4 soccer countries. The photo shoot features Sarah Brandner for Germany, Abigail Clancy for England, Bethany Dempsey for USA and Melissa Satta for Italy .These babes will be presented each day until the start of the World Cup. We leave it up to you to chose the winner…

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The Worst Hip Hop Album Cover of all time

big bear - doin thangs Hahahaha. So a couple of months back, we wrote a post on the worst rap video of all time. Well, the segment was so popular, we decided to post the worst album cover all time. It’s by Big Bear and the album is called Doin Thangs. Words cannot describe just how bad this album cover is. From the bears with sunglasses and silk robes to the bizzare bucket of fruits in the middle. My favorite part has to be the bear with the sunglasses and the cigar in his mouth. And for artistic measurs, Big Bear’s name is made out of honey. Priceless!

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