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Kylo Ren is the worst lightsaber maker ever!

So when I first saw Kylo Ren’s lightsaber in Star Wars: THe Force Awakens, I though that it was a badass sword created by a badass Sith lord. Then I found out that Kylo Ren doesn’t know how to make a lightsaber!

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I Saw The Last Airbender movie and liked it

So after seeing all these so-called critics trash the movie, I still decided that I would still see The Last Airbender. Now keep in mind that I have never seen the cartoon or read the comic books. But I still liked it!!! Sure, there were some cheezy dialogues here and there, but it was overall an enjoyable movie.

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G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Movie Review

After attending the premiere of G.I. Joe – The Rise of Cobra, I felt the need to write a review of the second-best movie of this summer. (Sorry G.I. Joe, but nothing could top Transformers – Rise of The Fallen. Nothing!) I went in thinking that this movie was going to suck beyond belief. Thank god I was wrong. This movie is going to make a ton of money and there will be a sequel!!!