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Rihanna’s Bears It All For FHM Germany

This good girl gone bad is soooooo hot! The lucky subscribers of FHM – German Edition were treated to some of the hottest pics of Rihanna that I have ever seen. Did I mention that she bears it all????? More Pics after the jump…

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Code Monkeys Rule

This is a video I found a little while ago, and I thought was brilliant. Catchy song, nice use of WOW, and remarkably relevant in today’s world. Just remember, they don’t actually like being referred to as “code monkeys”… Then there’s times when you’re surfing without restraint (beer helps here) and you find something so […]

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Saltwater Burns

So, Big M and I were discussing the article describing a car that sells for $2500. While it’s a financially-appealing idea, it is remarkably short-sighted in terms of the environment. If we make billions more dirty little cars so that everybody and their grandmother can afford them, then we’ll escalate the (already massive) planetary damage. […]

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AVP: Requiem sucks so bad, it’s impossible to find words in the english language that convey the sheer suckiness of this movie. If, for some insane reason, you intend to watch this travesty of a movie, be warned that this article contains spoilers. But there’s no way this movie could be spoiled any worse than it is.

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I went to see Beowulf over the weekend.? It wasn’t bad, but I expected so much more.? In theory, it had more than enough elements to make it an instant classic. Neil Gaiman is a genius A digital and improved (if possible) Angelina Jolie appears naked? Cool graphics (that seemed much more interesting in the […]

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Idle Thoughts in the 4th Quarter

Man I’m tired.? I need a brewsky.? F*ing games should be reduced to 30 minutes.? It’s over by halftime anyway.? I should probably pull pretty-boy at some time.? Ah, F*ck it, the offensive line is killing them.? And Cassels probably hasn’t figured out how to put on his pads again.? I don’t like our opponents.? […]

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Microwave ovens are cool.? Anything that has the potential, in theory, to corrupt our DNA and turn us into fire snorting mutants or super-powered malevolents is cool.? In theory. But yesterday, my girlfriend showed me something truly cool (and remarkably practical) about microwave ovens.? I would have guessed that most of you already know this […]

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“You Suck, You Dumb Bastard”

If you’re a football fan, you read a lot of articles between weekends.? If you’re not a football fan, you suck.? But I digress.? The fact is that we get 11 hours of sports cocaine every Sunday, followed by a quick hit on Monday evening.? The rest of the week is about coming down.? So we read the experts’ analysis, hoping to find a reason to believe our team(s) will win (or not suck excessively) during the next weekend’s binge.?

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Everybody Sucks

I remember when the Broncos would always win at home. I don’t remember any complaints about running up the score or excessive celebrations. And now look at them.? They think they’ve salvaged their season?? I don’t think so. I think they suck.? Bad. So does Roethlisberger. He might be considered adequate, playing for a team […]

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