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Anything you can do, the Patriots can do it better

As the guys at put it: Anything you can do, the Patriots can do it better. And now, nobody knows this better than Terrell Owens. After playing his best game of the season, the Dallas Cowboys crybaby had plenty to smile about. He caught 4 touchdowns and was certain that he was going to […]

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The Vinatieri Conspiracy Theory.

Now I am not a fan of conspiracy theories, but I am really starting to believe that there might be a Vinatieri conspiracy theory going on. You see, when a friend first told me about this conspiracy theory, I refused to believe it. But the facts keep pointing to a vast conspiracy theory between the […]

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I love this commercial

There are very few commercials out there that I think are great. But this commercial from FedEx Kinkos is excellent.

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Why I love the 2007-2008 Patriots

As a football fanatic, I willingly give up my hard-earned money to watch entertaining and spectacular football. I define entertaining as an offense that scores massive points and a defense that hurts everything that moves. This is exactly what the Patriots have been giving me week after week. They go out there and they try […]

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The Pats are about to face their toughest opponent

I’ve been watching the well-oiled machine that is the New England Patriots steamroll past every opponent that they have played so far. I think all of that will stop today when they face the Washington Redskins. I am convinced that they are about to face their toughest opponent in the Washington Redskins. Why am I […]

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The Second Suckiest Team in the universe

So, I was feeling all sad and depressed about how sucky my 2007-2008 Eagles team were and how they were the suckiest team in the universe. Then I got an email that I would like to share with you. His rant was soooo funny that I’m posting it word-for-word. I now realize that although it […]

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The Suckiest Team In The Universe

After watching the 2007-2008 Philadelphia Eagles lose once again last night, I now think that they are the suckiest team in the universe.

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