Anything you can do, the Patriots can do it better

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As the guys at put it: Anything you can do, the Patriots can do it better. And now, nobody knows this better than Terrell Owens. After playing his best game of the season, the Dallas Cowboys crybaby had plenty to smile about. He caught 4 touchdowns and was certain that he was going to be the best receiver on Sunday. He was sure that everybody would respect him and stroke his ego by telling him how great he was. He would tell the world that he is the best receiver in the league and that every other receiver sucked. He would then let the world know that nobody could beat his Dallas Cowboys and that T.O. is a wide-receiver God among boys. Then something awful happened to T.O.: the Patriots played…

What took, Terrell Owens an entire game to do, Randy Moss did in 2 quarters. Then to really let him know that “the other 81” is truly better than he is, Randy Moss scored a fifth touchdown as he laughed at Terrell. Considering how much I hate T.O. for what he did to my Eagles, it was great to watch. I loved every minute of it. I could just imagine T.O. running home to see all the highlights of himself on TV. He probably expected them to talk about how great his 4-touchdown day was and that there wasn’t a better receiver in the game than he was. He probably got his stupid popcorn ready and sat there watching. Instead, he got to watch all the sports commentators drool about how great Randy Moss his. I would have paid any amount of money to see the look on his face when he heard that Randy Moss scored 5 touchdowns on the same day that he scored 4. I wonder if he realizes that Moss only scored 5 to be nice. Moss owned the Buffalo Bills. He could have scored 15 touchdowns if he wanted. He just decided to score 5 and call it a night. By now, everybody in the league should know that Randy Moss is Superman.

And then, the Pats decided to send a message to the rest of the NFC. The two best teams in the NFC, the Greenbay Patriots and the sucky Dallas Cowboys combined for 59 total points. The Patriots scored 56 points by the start of the fourth quarter against the Buffalo Bills. Once Bill Belichick realized that he had sent his message to the NFC, he simply pulled Tom Brady from the game and let the benchwarmers finish the game. To let you know just how serious Belichick was, here is my favorite quote from Tom Brady: “Coach says he puts you out there to score when you touch it. He doesn’t put you out there to punt.” God, I wish a Patriots Fan.

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  1. Sorry, man. Moss had 4 TDs yesterday, but you are right about Owens. Moss even went and played DB to bat down a pass at the end of the first, just to show TO that he is at least twice as good.

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