Alien vs Predator: A detailed analysis of who would win

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After Big D’s review of AVPR, we had a long talk about Aliens vs Predator. This lead to a huge disagreement on the most important topic: Who would win? Big D thinks that the Aliens win, I think that the Predator wins. Therefore, I decided to look into this scientifically: by searching the Internet and collecting data! After countless video games, comic books and two crappy movies, I still did not find an answer that I was satisfied with. So, I am providing a detailed scientific analysis of who would win.

Please note: Since we are conducting a scientifical experiment, we need to get rid of all potential contaminants. This means getting rid of all the humans! The humans just get in the way. (Just ask anyone who’s seen any of the AVp movies,) Humans are an unnecessary distraction that slow down both the Alien and the Predator. So, in order to be fair, this analysis assumes that no humans are present. It’s simply alien vs Predator, mano-a-mano in a kick-ass bloodbath. This also means that they are on a level playing field. So there are no weird alien planets where one race has the advantage, or super weapons that can be used to cheat.

Race Analysis


According to Wikipedia: “Aliens are not an intelligent civilization but predatory creatures with no higher goals than the reproduction of their species and the destruction of life that could pose a threat.” Aliens have a super tough over shell,
their blood is acid, and they seem to have incredible strength despite having no muscle structure. Aliens are very aggressive, and they use teamwork to kill their prey. In other words, Aliens are badasses that use the cover of darkness to terrorize and kill their prey.


The Predators are a kick-ass alien race that specialize in killing other aliens. The Predators actually go to other planets to kill its inhabitants. They’re killing machines that kill for fun. And they are willing to come to any alien’s home planet to kick its ass. They also have cool weapons like a razor discs and shoulder-mounted plasma guns. Oh, and I forgot to mention that the Predators have nuclear weapons and a self-destruct mechanism.

The Winner is:

Predators: great hunters,bad-ass equipments, and a self-destruct button.

Killing Style Analysis


An alien embryo forcibly impregnates a living host and then bursts violently from its chest. Ouchie.


They hunt you. They kill you. And then collect your head as a trophy.

The winner is:

Aliens. Nothing can be worst than having an Alien burst out violently from your chest as you watch your own blood spray everywhere

Hunting style:


They hunt in packs, hunting their prey like wild wolves. (cheaters)


They usually hunt alone. Oh, did I mention that they hunt for sport?

The winner is:

Predators. They hunt for sport. ( I think that I already mentioned that they hunt for sport )

Their first encounter with humans


The Alien was killed by a chick


The great Arnold Schwarzenegger (in his prime) almost lost his life trying to save the earth from the Predator

My Detailed Analysis:

All the experts online seem to agree: aliens kill to survive. predators survive to kill. Here is a detailed analysis of all the possible situations:

  • Predator without equiment vs Aliens: Predator
  • Predator with equipment vs Aliens: Predator
  • Predator vs predalien: Predator
  • Predator vs Alien queen: Predator
  • Predator vs the entire alien nest: Maybe Aliens… But score ends up like 320 dead Aliens to 1 dead Predator.


The Predator wins, hands down.

Other interesting quotes I found on the web

With a gun………..Predator,,, Without a gun………………… Predator

” – tzweck

The Predator wins this one. If it is a one on one match with an alien, the predator
obviously wins. If it is many on many, the Predators win. Even if it is one Predator vs lots of Aliens
the Predator still wins because he would kill so many of the aliens before they killed him that in the
end the score would be something like: Predator:248, Aliens:1.

” – scifi guy

The comparison I see is this. The aliens are a huge army of stealthy infantry, whereas the predators are
like special ops (Delta Force, Navy Seals) – they’ve got the toys and know-how to get the job done and
that’s why there’s only a few of them hunting at a time. You can call it a numbers game, but in all
honesty, if it had been Predators instead of space marines in Aliens (Alien 2) then those Aliens would’ve
died a lot quicker.

” -fikester06

Predators may have a tough exterior but they are still cowards. They can’t be fair and stay visible to
fight. They have to cloak themselves and hide. If they didn’t, the alien would win everytime.

” –

AVP is like the USA vs China. China has numbers and the US has the guns..but in the end.. we all die.

” -mafioso24


  1. I would like to interject and say “100th comment officially goes to me”
    thank you for your time

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  2. Predator will own the alien

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  3. The funniest part about reading many of these posts is that statistics are being used to justify either a win or a loss when in reality, unless there is a 0% chance of either one winning or losing, there’s always going to be a chance of either species winning or losing. By that logic, and despite some well put together arguments and some general fan opinions, neither species will actually win or lose. They are both awesome in their own rights, Predators being the ultimate killer and hunter while Alien is the ultimate survivor. Because Predator has been using the Xenomorphs to hunt for so long, I believe that they have adapted to specifically survive an assault by Predator. And Predator designing their tactics to hunt the ultimate prey for years to come. In the end it’s just going to be an endless struggle between the two with no side winning or losing.

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  4. How exactly can predator kill an alien with bare hands ? Alien is fast and manuverable and has an exoskeleton. Even if miracle happens and predator’s fists go through alien’s skin,his hands would be melted by an acidic blood.
    Also,what ? Predator beats predalien ? Maybe in AvP 2010,but not anywhere else.
    It also depends on an individual. Some predators are weaker,and some aliens are stronger. For example,we have Nethead in AvP first movie. Nethead was awesome.

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