Adidas Drops A Truckload of Shoes for James Harden

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These days, James Harden has 200 million reasons to smile. Yeah its gotta be a pretty good feeling to wake-up to a truck-load of new kicks from a company that just sponsored you (Adidas). Not many people/athletes can say that, especially for $200 million. Even if he secretly likes Nike way more (which he probably does) the money will make him learn to love Adidas.

Check out the video as Adidas drops

PS, That’s me pulling up the truck door.. (hahahaha! Just kidding). But seriously, I hope Adidas took every Nike shoe he owns with that same truck lol.

adidas-james-harden-delivery-01 adidas-james-harden-delivery-04 adidas-james-harden-delivery-05 adidas-james-harden-delivery-06

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