2016 Nativity Hipster

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So, we recently came across the nativity hipster Christmas set and its absolutely funny. The set, which is called the “Hipster Nativity” is a modern take on the traditional Christmas scene. It comes with a latte-drinking Mary and Joseph sporting a man-bun and taking a selfie with baby Jesus in a solar-paneled stable. Then there is the three wise men who are on Segways instead of camels all carrying boxes from Amazon. The set also includes a cow being fed grain-free feed along with a sheep in a sweater and a shepherd boy using his iPhone to listen to some music.

As the xreators describe it:

A lot has changed in the last 2,000 years. For starters, I don’t even think they had iPhones back then, which explains why Joseph didn’t add the birth of Jesus to his Snapchat story. If you love Amazon Prime, and have no idea what frankincense and myrrh (sp?) are, this is the Nativity set for you.

Check out pics below

nativity-hipster-christmas nativity-hipster-christmas-01 nativity-hipster-christmas-02 nativity-hipster-christmas-03 nativity-hipster-christmas-04 nativity-hipster-christmas-05 nativity-hipster-christmas-06 nativity-hipster-christmas-07

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